Press release:  Plextor announces its first Serial ATA 12x DVD writer

Date : 2004-07-14

Demonstrating its technical leadership in the emerging Serial ATA (SATA) market, Plextor Europe today announces the PX-712SA DVDR/RW drive that enables high-speed 12x recording. With the PX-712SA, users can record a full DVD in less than 6 minutes at a burst rate of 16.5 MB per second, allowing them to create, edit, and share customised DVDs faster than ever before.

The new internal drive is the first Plextor product to feature an integrated SATA connection, enabling OEMs and System Integrators to exploit the benefits of SATA. SATA, which extends bandwidth to 150MB per second, is an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA (E-IDE) physical storage interface. The interface supports one device per controller connection, eliminating master/slave configuration jumper issues. SATA also provides a substantial pin count reduction from Parallel ATA, while thinner cables help air-flow and improve cable routing/installation.

Inge Spoelders, International Marketing Responsible at Plextor, says: "Plextor is pleased to add Serial ATA to our product portfolio. We can now offer end users the choice of every interface available for optical drives: ATAPI, SCSI, USB 2.0, FireWire, and the new SATA."

The PX-712SA supports 12x DVD+R and 8x DVD-R Writing; 4x DVD+RW and 4x DVD-RW Rewriting; and 16x max DVD-ROM reading. The DVD/CD burner also boasts high-speed 48x CD-R Writing, 24x CD-RW Rewriting, and 48x max CD-ROM reading.

The PX-712SA uses several technologies to prevent Buffer Underrun errors including Buffer Underrun Proof for CD, Lossless Linking for DVD+R/RW and Zero Link for DVD-R/RW. It is also able to format while writing through the 'Background Formatting' function.

For the highest quality writing at an optimal speed, Plextor has included its unique PoweRec (Plextor Optimised Writing Error Reduction Control) technology that helps to avoid writing errors during high-speed recording.

Plextor's VariRec (Variable Recording) technology, designed for audiophiles, is also included, enabling the user to select one of eight tone settings to obtain a more personalised sound.

The PX-712SA comes with an extensive software package:

Ahead Nero: CD/DVD mastering software
Ahead InCD: Packet writing software
Nero BackItUp: Back-up software
Pinnacle Studio: Video editing and authoring software
Cyberlink Power DVD: DVD player software
PlexTools Professional: CD/DVD utility software
The PX-712SA will be available from early June 2004. It comes with a 2 year warranty and free of charge On-Site Collect & Return service for defective drives (within warranty). Local hotline support is also available.

Retail package contents:

1 Serial ATA cable
Power cable
Extensive software package
16 language manual

Other specific items:
Wide CD-R, CD-R/W, DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW media compatibility
Easy Firmware upgrade through FlashROM
Black tray to reduce 'jitter', increasing the quality of the burned DVD/CD
Optimised PCB circuit to reduce noise and produce a higher quality DVD/CD

About Plextor
Plextor is one of the leading global manufacturers of high reliability, high performance personal storage devices in the market. It is also one of the original pioneers of CD technology and through its parent company, Shinano Kenshi Co. of Japan, has a history stretching back to 1918 of developing and manufacturing advanced technology hardware and precision electronic equipment.

With headquarters in Japan, Europe and USA, Plextor's products are mainly sold through a network of specialised computer distributors. Plextor Europe, based in Brussels Belgium, handles sales, marketing and technical support for the European, Middle East and African markets. Since opening its Brussels office in 1994, Plextor has introduced a number of award winning products, including:

CD/DVD Recordable drives
CD/DVD media
USB Flash Memory Drives (PlexFlash)

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